Over 1000 PMP® Exam Practice Questions
Practicing against simulated PMP® Exam Questions is one of the absolute best ways to prepare for the actual exam. Completing multiple practice exams gives the learner an opportunity to better understand the exam layout, types of questions and pace of the exam. 200 questions over 4 hours equals roughly 1.2 minutes per question. You have to learn to gauge your exam pace.

About the PMP® Exam Simulator
Designed to prepare candidates for the PMI® Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Exam. Practicing against simulated PMP® Exam Questions is one of the absolute best ways to prepare for the actual exam. Our Question Simulator database has hundreds of exam questions. Our simulation software randomizes the questions and answers so you can take the sample exams over and over again. Complete your PMP® Exam learning experience. Buy a package for 90-day access to our PMP® Practice Question Exams.

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Why Practice Exams

  • Hundreds of practice PMP® Exam questions
  • Randomized questions and answers
  • Simulated PMP® exam environment
  • Learn effective test taking strategy
  • Real time practice exam results
  • Reliable PMP® Exam similarity
  • Learn to manage your exam time
  • Developed by certified PMP's
  • Updated for the PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition
  • Ideal solution for the busy project manager
  • Comprehensive exam questions
  • Tons of invaluable PMP Exam tips and tricks
  • Ensure your PMP® success

    "Practive Exams are the learning tool you need to pass the PMP® Exam. Our realistic questions database helps you figure out what you need to know and guides you on the answers to what you don't. With the flexibility in the schedule of e-learning you'll have everything you need to get the job done right. With our simulated practice test, you have a tool you need to gain the confidence you desire."

    Tom Mochal, PMP, PgMP
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