Contributor Guidelines

These guidelines are meant as just that. We want to work with you to make sure that your contributions are valuable to you as well as to our community of project managers. For the purpose of these guidelines, the term ICPM™ refers to this website.

Any member of our community may contribute a blog within the site guidelines. You need to be a registered member of the ICPM to contribute a blog posting. After you create a blog, the ICPM administrator will receive an email notifying them of your blog submission. The ICPM administrator will review the blog to make sure it is appropriate for the site. If it is not, the blog posting will be taken down. If the blog is not appropriate, and depending on the nature of the concern, the author may be removed from the ICPM. 


Copyright & Editorial Rights

We will recognize the author copyright for all original submissions. As an author you grant to the ICPM™ the rights to publish, in perpetuity, any submitted material for reading, download, or other use by any visitor to the ICPM™ website. By submitting content to the ICPM™ you are certifying to the ICPM™ that your submission is original and you have not violated any copyrights.

Our editorial staff reserves the right to edit for length, clarity or readability any articles submitted for publication. Our editorial staff will make the final decision on when and where any articles will be published.


Your Relationship to ICPM™

Your relationship with ICPM™ is not of an employer / employee nature. You are simply agreeing to "volunteer" your time and content to this community. Either you or we can terminate this relationship at any time and for any reason without repercussion. You will continue to own copyright for your content, however all contributor content published on the ICPM™ will remain, at our discretion, published and a part of the ICPM™ website. This does not preclude you from republishing your content elsewhere.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, do not hesitate to contact us

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