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Much of the work that you do can be organized as a project. The ability to successfully define and subsequently manage a project is quickly leaving the realm of the extraordinary and is becoming a core competency for many organizations.

Now you can receive project management training at your convenience! Whether you are an experienced project manager or someone new to the field, this e-class can help you learn or reinforce essential project management concepts. TenStep has packaged the content in a way for you to do this at your convenience - 20 minutes at a time.
  • 20 minutes - read the section overview
  • 20 minutes - listen to the corresponding e-learning sessions (one or more)
  • 20 minutes - take a quick quiz to validate your understanding
The Essence of Project Management comes in 11 modules. There are eleven short Study Guides, 24 20-minute e-sessions and 11 quizzes.

This unique training approach provides an individual or an organization with flexibility in its training delivery. You can complete all material within consecutive days or you can use it as part of an annual project management training curriculum. The quiz results assess your project management knowledge and can assist in identifying areas of continued focus or emphasis.

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