Better IT Management in Just 20 Minutes

IT management requires a broader mix of skills and expertise than any other business career. To be successful, you have to understand evolving technologies, master advanced business concepts, sell IT investments to management, manage complex projects, and motivate a staff of highly intelligent, but often challenging individuals.

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Meet the Mentors

mentor-mochal"I am excited to work with Mike Sisco on the 20 Minute IT Manager™. We have created a product that is truly unique in the market. Each learning session contains valuable information that will actually help you on your job - while taking less than 20 minutes at a time. You could learn these lessons through trial and error but why should you? Let us use our years of experience to show you how to be a more effective IT manager today."


mentor-sisco"Improve your management skills and you will boost your career. I know because the mentors I've had literally accelerated my career by helping me become a much stronger manager - faster and easier. Tom and I have over 40 years of combined management experience and we can accelerate your skills development through the 20 Minute IT Manager™ mentoring series. Our approach is practical and straightforward - no theory, just proven processes and tools that will help you achieve more success."

- Mike Sisco, ITBMC

Individual Price -$10 per session for over 160 sessions. But don't pay $1,620. Buy the ultimate bundle for only $499.

Each 20 Minute IT Manager™ mentoring session provides advice on critical aspects of IT management, delivered by a Management Mentor who is a recognized expert in that subject area. The series is broken down into the following categories: IT Management, Project Management, People Management, Personal Development and Leadership.

Over 160 valuable e-learning sessions for one low price of only $499. This is less than four dollars per session - a 68% discount! Lets do the math:  $10 x 162 =  $1620. Your Price = $499   You Save Over $1100 

  • "You are providing us with valuable material and information we need in our day-to-day operations. One of the most difficult situations we have as IT managers is the lack of senior managers to help us in the topics you are approaching with the presentations. You are providing us with valuable material and information we need in our day-to-day operations.”

    Almir Moreira - Bonn, Germany

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