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This paper describes a technique for determining how well a project is performing relative to an agreed upon plan (often known as a baseline). Overcoming some of the limitations of traditional performance tracking, this new approach puts an emphasis on identifying how much variance from the plan occurs over time. Further enhancing this valuable insight, is the ability to also apply this analysis technique to different groupings or sections of a project and determine which of these best complies with the project plan. In summary: this approach allows for a quick determination as to whether your project is being executed as planned, and if not, where the areas and time periods of non-compliance are.

The technique is applicable to both project execution as well as post-execution for firstly keeping the project on-track and secondly for determining lessons learned as well as a powerful means of understanding root cause of project delays during a project forensics exercise.

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Saturday, 10 March 2007 05:59

Managing Project Knowledge

For an organization whose fundamental work is the delivery of projects, it is extremely important that projects are viewed as a source of learning.

Project delivery is a process that produces an abundance of knowledge. Project teams encounter problems, assess and monitor risks, evaluate baselines, watch budgets and finance and manage stakeholder needs and expectations, as they do, they generate knowledge that is contained within the team.

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