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Thursday, 25 January 2007 21:27

Organization charts

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An Organizational Chart represents the structure of an organization in terms of rank. The chart usually shows the managers and sub-workers who make up an organization. The chart also shows relationships between staff in the organization, which can be:

  • Line - direct relationship between superior and subordinate.
  • Lateral - relationship between different departments on the same hierarchical level.
  • Staff - relationship between an managerial assistant and other areas. The assistant will be able to offer advice to a line manager. However, they have no authority over the line manager actions.
  • Functional - relationships between specialist positions and other areas. The specialist will normally have authority to insist that a line manager implements any of their instructions.


Hierarchical - An organizational chart can help the project manager and the project team identifies the reporting relationships among the project team, management, and other key stakeholders



Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) - A RAM can be high-level-for example, mapping project groups to the high-level components of a WBS, such as architecture, network, or software creation. A RAM can also be detailed specific to the activities within the project work


Text Oriented – A written document consisting of: Who will play a role, what the responsibility of the role is, the level of Authority and a list of actions to be taken along with the desired result of the actions.



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