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Thursday, 25 January 2007 19:26

Schedule Control

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From a time management point of view, time control or project control is about the schedule baseline and any changes that might occur. The schedule baseline is the original, approved project schedule and becomes the standard used to measure schedule performance. Schedule control is concerned with:


  • Determining the current status of the project schedule
  • Influencing the factors that create schedule changes
  • Determining that the project schedule has changed
  • Managing the actual changes as they occur
  • Schedule control is a portion of the Integrated Change Control process


Schedule control is primarily about measurement and reporting. Control is governed by the baseline. You use a schedule baseline, you establish that baseline, and that is the original approved project schedule. Any variance to that schedule is going to be reflected against that schedule. Any change requests are going to be evaluated against that original baseline.


Note: Heuristic Scheduling (Rule of Thumb) - Heuristics are rules of thumb or guidelines that have been learned through experience and "trial and error." An example of a heuristic is the PERT process, which has modified some statistical approaches to create a simpler but useful scheduling process; for example, the PERT formula for standard deviation is a heuristic (simple to use but yields good results).


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