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Friday, 02 May 2008 08:02

Business Planning Framework

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Work on the following information in preparation for the business planning process.

1) Identify Business Drivers
    a) Operational Simplification and Productivity
    b) Quality and Delivery of Information to Run the Business
    c) Customer Relationship Management
    d) Supporting Company Growth
    e) Ongoing Production Support

2) Identify Your Department’s Value Proposition – Why Buy From Us?
    a) Business Knowledge
    b) Lower Cost of Solution Implementation
        i) Compare Internal vs. External Cost
    c) Ability to Access and Leverage Other Internal Resources – People and Infrastructure
    d) Technology Knowledge and Ability to Apply Technology to the Business
    e) Application Knowledge
    f) Ability to Quickly React to Changes in the Business
    g) Ability to Provide Quality Production Support

3) Identify Projects for Each Business Driver
    a) Operational Simplification and Productivity
        i) Implement New Financial Applications
        ii) Implement Expense Reporting Package
        iii) Implement Maintenance Renewal Process
        iv) Create Web-based Employee Time Tracking System
        v) Implement HR Benefit & Personnel System
        vi) Web-based Customer Education Registration System
    b) Quality and Delivery of Information to Run the Business
        i) Create Data Warehouse of Customer Information
    c) Customer Relationship Management
        i) Implement Customer Data Warehouse
        ii) Add More Functionality to the Customer Contact System
    d) Supporting Growth
    e) Ongoing Production Support

4) Business Plan Review Sessions
    a) Determine Main Contacts for Each Business Unit
    b) Schedule Meeting to Discuss Next Year’s Business Priorities with Each Business Unit

5) Other / Misc
    a) Web-based knowledge base and chat room   
    b) Support SWAT Teams
    c) End-user Questions & Answers Website


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