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Thursday, 25 January 2007 18:27

Scope Verification

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Scope verification is the process of formalizing acceptance of the project scope by the stakeholders. It requires reviewing work products and results to ensure that all were completed correctly and satisfactorily. Scope verification occurs at the end of each project phase, and as part of the project closeout process. Scope verification is concerned with stakeholder Acceptance of the work. Work is sometime denied and must be Re-Worked. 

Scope verification happens at the end of each project phase-or as major deliverables are created. Scope verification is ensuring that the deliverables the project creates are in alignment with the project scope.

Don’t get this confused with a related activity, Quality Control.  QC is concerned with the correctness of the work. Scope verification and quality control happen in tandem as the quality of the work contributes to scope verification. Poor quality will typically result in scope verification failure.

Should a project get cancelled before it has completed the scope, scope verification is measured against the deliverables to the point of the project cancellation. In other words, scope verification measures the accuracy of the work up to the cancellation, not the work that was to be completed after project termination. (Refer to section 5.4 in the PMBOK®Guide, Pg 118)


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