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Thursday, 17 November 2016 19:39

Five Easy Steps to Hire the Right Staff

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This content is from the Method123 weekly email dated 2016.17.11

Five Easy Steps to Hire the Right Staff

To ensure you hire the right staff for the right roles, take these steps:

Step 1: Define the Role and Responsibilities

Sounds easy, but defining the role and responsibilities properly is the most important step to take when recruiting new staff. You need to create a Job Description document that describes the:

·        Purpose and responsibilities of the role

·        Skills, experience and qualifications needed

·        Team fit and performance criteria

·        Salary, rate, commission and benefits

·        Work environment and special conditions.

You will likely get multiple candidates. You should also document the selection criteria you will use to select candidates.

Step 2: Find Top Candidates

Next, advertise the role both internally and externally. Be as specific as possible by listing the key responsibilities. Explain the challenges that they will face. List any special requirements. Make it sound enticing, but don’t oversell it. At this Then while the adverts are running identify your selection criteria for interviews, based on the characteristics in the Job Description.

Step 3: Select and Interview Candidates

Use your selection criteria to determine which candidates to interview. Next, interview the selected candidates. Make sure you prepare fully for each interview. Don't just "wing it". Don't be afraid to take notes during the interview. You will find that if you're interviewing more than 3 candidates, you will need to rely on the interview notes heavily when progressing to the next stage.

Step 4: Additional Screening

The candidates that you like should be taken through additional screening. Here are some ways that you can test candidates to determine their suitability against the Job Description:

·        Perform personality, competency and numerical testing.

·        Ask them to perform specific project tasks. For instance, if hiring a software developer, get them to write you an example program.

·        Perform a second interview with management.

·        Get them to meet the team and allow the team to ask questions.

·        Take them for lunch with your team and see how they socialize.

·        Seek three professional references from past employers.

These steps ensure the candidate is evaluated holistically and not just from one person and one interview.

Step 5: Select Candidate

Based on the interview and additional screening, the next step is to select the right person for the job. This is often a group decision based on the people involved in interviewing and screening.

Your ability to hire the right people will help determine your success as a Project Manager. So take your time and use this recruitment process to choose wisely.

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