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Thursday, 20 October 2016 12:04

Best of Episodes: How a PMP Exam Coach Helps You Overcome a Failed PMP Exam

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This is a special episode of The PM PrepCast for the launch of our new PMP Exam Coaching program.

Yes -- you read that right. We are going to tackle the issue of failing the PMP exam and I’m fully aware that you may not want to hear this. After all, if you are a PMP candidate then you are probably preparing for this exam like a madman or crazywoman so that you PASS the exam. And so it’s only natural that you are pushing the thought of failure away.

But… let’s look at this from a different angle: From the angle of lessons learned and how to proactively avoid failure.

My interview guest Dan Ryan has coached hundreds of students for the PMP exam. Many of them failed the exam before they came to him for help. He picked them up, motivated them, pointed them in the right direction and stood by their side on the road to PMP exam success.

That is what a coach does and if you want to know more about what type of coaching we offer, please visit for all the details.

So listen to this interview not with fear about failing your PMP exam. But instead listen to it with the attitude of a project manager who has access to information from previous, similar projects and who uses information as lessons learned to make sure that your own project -- your own PMP exam -- does not fail. ‪#‎BestofPMPodcast

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