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Thursday, 25 January 2007 17:50

Integrated Change Control

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The purpose of overall change control is to influence factors that create change so the change is beneficial, determine when a change has occurred, and manage actual changes when they do occur. This process is concerned with coordinating changes across the entire project. Performed from project Inception through Completion. A Change Control System is used to evaluate and approve or kickback change requests for the project. Changes requests stem from suggestions of the stakeholders. The PM must be careful; certain changes may lead to additional Time and Cost. The PM uses Integrated Change Control to:


  • Evaluate change requests 
  • Determine whether or not the suggested changes are needed for the successful completion of the project
  • Determination if Corrective or Preventive changes have occurred within the project work
  • Provide approval or denial of the change
  • Provide oversight of the methods for managing changes
  • Providing updates concerning changes to the Project management plan and baselines. Any changes to scope, cost, time, risk, and scheduling along with any other attributes of the project plan must be revised and documented. In addition to having the project plan updated, any supporting detail used in the decision to include the change should be included in the project planning supporting detail.

Another output of project plan execution is change requests. Examples include a request to expand or contract project scope, or modify cost or schedule estimates. This is another area that is cross-referenced throughout the PMBOK™, and it is one that we are going to be covering time and time again. But the key here when it comes to change requests, change control, or any issue associated with changes—when you hear the word change—think documentation: document, document, document.

Integrated change control captures the essence of change. The PM takes the plan, performance reports and change requests and puts them through our change control system. The PM gets updates, corrective actions, and some lessons learned. The change control system is a collection of formal documented procedures that define how project deliverables and documentation are controlled, changed, and approved. The change control system is a subsystem of the configuration management system. Many times, the integrated change control process includes a change control board responsible for approving and rejecting the requested changes. Although some projects may have multiple CCB’s, there are circumstances under which the project manager may be able to handle certain types of changes without the need for a formal CCB review. It is defined as a formally constituted group of stakeholders responsible for reviewing, evaluating, approving, delaying, or rejecting changes to the project, with all decisions and recommendations being recorded.

Note: A change control system consists of a formal, documented procedure for handling change, nothing more. On the exam you remember that a change control board is responsible for authorizing or denying the requested change.

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