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Tuesday, 28 August 2007 13:15

Date for a Date

Written by  John Grass, PMP
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What can you do if a participant at your project status meeting is only a representative and has no power to make decisions provide information?

As a proactive and proficient project manager you have done everything possible to guaranty that the right people show up at your weekly or monthly project status meetings.

  • You set up your meeting so they always fall on the same day of the week or same day of each month.

You kept the meeting away from days were a number of the people would have difficulty attending. The beginning or end of the week (long weekend problems) or to close to the beginning or end of the month (Month end reviews and reporting cycles)

You sent out the agenda days before the meeting and asked for confirmation of attendance.

You even called the major offenders and asked them to confirm their attendance.

But even so, you see the many of the participants of your meeting are only representatives of the people who should be at the meeting.


In some cases, this situation does not cause a problem, but on some occasions it has caused major problems.  When asked to provide information or make commitments, the representatives respond by saying they cannot speak for the person they are representing (normally their boss) or can not make any commitments in their name.So what do you do? Do you run after the right person after meeting to obtain the information or the commitment you need? Do you send out a nasty email to them complaining about their non-attendance and the effect it is having? Do you go home and rant and rave to your spouse?

Doing these things may get you want you need and may also help you blow of some steam, but it will not likely resolve the problem in the long term.

One thing you can do is not let the representative of the hook!

Get a Date for a Date! The representative is reasonable to the meeting and can make commitments. They can commit to a date for when they will be able to provide you with a date of when the person they are representing will be able to provide the information that is needed. They can commit to a date for when they will be able to provide you with a date of when the person they are representing will be able to make a decision that is needed.

So, don’t loss you cool when people send representatives with no decision power to your meeting. Make them feel welcome and also make them responsible to provide you with a date for a date!

I welcome your ideas and thoughts on how we can make our project meeting more productive and less painful!

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