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Tuesday, 28 August 2007 08:31

Get It Right or Forget It

Written by  Margaret Meloni
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Have you ever had a perfectionist on your team? They can be the perfect team member or a perfect pain. Here are some tips on how you can have a more perfect partnership.


People who seek perfection can be wonderful team members. They are usually smart; detail oriented and approach problems systematically. They tend to be excellent subject matter experts. Their strengths include accuracy, organization and being goal oriented. So how could the rest of us ever have a problem with one of these ‘Get it Right’ types?

Well here are some ways to turn your high performing perfectionist into a perfect pain.

Put them on the spot, perhaps throw them into a presentation with no warning or opportunity to think and prepare. If they can physically walk away from this situation, they probably will. If not they will mentally check out. A perfectionist likes to be able to think things through, before presenting their thoughts out loud. 

Speak to them using a loud and aggressive tone of voice. Then watch them shut right down. This is a great thing to do if you do not want them to communicate with you ever again.

Ignore their valuable input and in return they will ignore you and work with someone who does recognize their contributions.

Speak to them using vague concepts. Don’t research the facts. Now wonder why they do not respect you.  Maybe next time approach using facts, logic and a structured approach. If you want the respect of a perfectionist, you need to show them that you have gone through a thought process and considered facts carefully.

Fail to address their concerns. In turn they may become convinced nothing is going to go right. Too bad, because once their questions are answered and their concerns are addressed, a perfectionist can be a very goal oriented team member. And you know they are going to complete the job perfectly.



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