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Thursday, 25 January 2007 15:15

Stakeholder Management

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You should recognize the importance of involving stakeholders in the development of the project plan. It is the responsibility of the project manager and the project team to create an environment in which all stakeholders can contribute as appropriate, but recognize that who contributes and the level of the contribution will vary by stakeholder. There are usually a number of people who are either directly involved in a project or who have a stake in its outcome. These people are called stakeholders. The key stakeholders in most projects are:


  1. Project Manager—the project manager, also known as the project leader, is the head of the project.
  2. Customer— this is the person or group that will accept the final deliverable(s) that the project produces. The final deliverable is the final output and it is delivered to the project customer, whose needs and requirements are what drive the project.
  3. Host Organization
  4. Project Team—Project team members produce the outputs, called deliverables, for the project. They also participate in the project management process
  5. Sponsor—the sponsor is the management person who acts as a liaison between the management team and the project leader.
  6. Influencers
  7. PMO

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