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Monday, 22 March 2010 14:20

Best Techniques for Better Performance

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How can you energize your employees to give their best? Here are some effective ways:

Motivation. To motivate employees to give more, energized motivation is vital. Take care not to comment or correct employees while they speak. Once you set a direction, show support for what they are doing and ensure that they are working in a comfortable environment. Avoid favoritism. Instead, concentrate on motivating them by instituting focus groups that serve as a chance for staff to express their views.

No comment. Don't comment on anything said by others. Instead, encourage them to air their views. Listening and then acting on what you hear means that you value both what you hear and the speaker who is saying it.

Empty desk syndrome. It's no longer true that a smartly dressed person with a neat desk is highly motivated, nor is it true that those who look untidy or have a messy table are not motivated. Comfortable environments and organized chaos could reflect ultra-high motivation.

Team supporters. Set direction - keep employees on course and support employees to get things done.

Playing favorites. As an employer, be careful not to be so aloof that you're impersonal with staff or so biased that you are charged with favoritism. Be fair.

Objective view. Good benchmarks to measure activity are clear, visible objectives. Jot down your team objectives and display them somewhere public.

Focus. Focus groups can help assess the level of staff morale and express what they feel would increase motivation. To accomplish this, a group of people and a facilitator should come together and, through discussion, reveal their feelings, job fears or any other aspect of motivation. These groups can identify and resolve many problems and help employees know that they are contributing to the system within the company.

With these ideas, employers are sure to energize employees to give their best for the success of the organization.


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