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Thursday, 12 April 2007 13:45

Changing to keep pace with today's fast moving environment

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Petra Goltz, PMP asks: How do you see the role of a project or program manager changing to keep pace with today's fast moving commercial environments?

I say: That's an very interesting question. Without giving it too much thought, I can see the following trends taking place:

1. Certification - This is a great selling point for a sales organization selling professional project/program management services. It's a great selling point for the PMO and it's a great selling point for the individual. The draw back to this however, is that the rate of PM certification will drive the industry to a point of saturation. It's the old peeks and valleys analogy.

2. Marketability - The commercial value of the product, the service and the project manager are all becoming increasingly valuable.

3. Project Managers are being looked at more and more to take on leadership roles within new organizations. This is a direct result of the skill sets required to be an effective project manager.

4. Organizational Sustainability - Project Management Methodologies are quickly becoming the "Rule Books" of todays business units. These methodologies are as much a part of the "Sale" as the organizations track record is.

5.  Execution - The right Project Management Methodolgy will drive planning and execution. Proper planning and execution will reduce cycle time. Reduced cycle time allows the organization to take on more projects.

The value of project management in today's marketplace is on the rise. My advice to young and ambitious people. Take a look at the values and skills you will acquire in a project management role. It's pretty impressive.

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