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Wednesday, 04 April 2007 13:11

Finding the RIGHT people for your PMO

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The first step in building a PMO is getting the RIGHT people.  Let me say again THE RIGHT PEOPLE.  Without the right people, your PMO will be built on sand and you will have people problems to add to all the other problems that you are going to have anyway.  It’s easy enough to say this, but how can you get the right people, and who are they?   Here are some suggestions on how to go about building your team with the best. 


The right people already have a good job and they are probably not looking.  This is one of your biggest challenges.  The type of people you want will almost always be gainfully employed and generally content where they are.  Think about it, where else would they be?  You are not the only one who can recognize talent, and you’re not the only one who will pay for it.  So your first problem is that the right people are not likely to be in that stack of resumes in HR, bringing us to my second suggestion. 

Avoid your Human Resources, hiring, recruiting people and departments until AFTER you have decided who to hire.  This is more true the larger the company you are in.  I know HR people are going to hate me for this, and hopefully some will present alternative views, but it has been my experience that HR is not very helpful.  I won’t rant too much, but I have experienced multiple problems with HR because their priorities and goals are different than yours.  If you must, then play along them, read the resumes, do the interviews, but don’t spend too much time on it.  If you can’t find the right people using your corporate resources then where do you look?

The right people are only a few degrees away.  For those of you who are not familiar with this term, it refers to the theory that everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone (through 6 people) who knows Kevin Bacon.  Using this, I believe that your right person is no more than 3 degrees away, and probably only one or two.  That means that right now, you know someone who knows one of your RIGHT people.  So, let everyone know you are looking – ask your friends, co workers, family, and so on.  Get the word out.  Think about how you have gotten most of your jobs – probably through someone who knew someone …. Make this work for you! 

The right people love what they do.  Since they love it (the “it” in this case is project management), they will be associated with “it” more than most.  This means that you can find in place where PMs hang out.  A good bet is the local chapter of PMI or similar organizations.  You can find them on the web at virtual communities, your local university (perhaps taking or teaching a PM class), running volunteer projects in your area – or anywhere if you have the budget.  Many PM communities publish online newsletters with local success stories and articles. 

Do you know of other ways to find these people?  What have you had success with?  How did you get your job?

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