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Monday, 18 August 2008 16:59

"The Roles PMOs can Play in IT Modernization"

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This article is about "The Roles PMOs can Play in IT Modernization" according to recent research from Gartner Inc.

“Effective IT modernization requires organization, and we believe that the concept of a project management office (PMO) or multiple project management offices is crucial to organize for, and facilitate IT modernization.”  That's the conclusion of recent research from Gartner Inc., which argues that -- in addition to working hard and tackling challenges -- IT should think about establishing project management offices (PMO) and embracing cutting-edge project management technologies and methodologies.

The logic of doing so, Gartner says, is compelling: "PMOs can do a better job of identifying and addressing changing business demands -- chiefly, an expected uptick in the number and variety of IT assets (both human and non-human) that will require retirement or replacement over the next seven years."

With closer attention paid to project management, investment in a PMO along with the development of sound project and portfolio management (PPM) skills, CIOs will have the visibility they need to manage network, telephone, server, storage and system management portfolios and to recognize when IT kit needs retiring or replacement.
"A PMO can provide a common planning process with artifacts, a common reporting process and oversight and a common IT modernization process. It brings structure and support to evaluating, justifying, defining, planning, tracking and executing IT modernization efforts. It also encourages more business-side participation in IT modernization efforts and in the resolution of conflicts caused by limited resources and other constraints."
Gartner also advised that the PMO should be outside the IT organization to ensure that the IT modernization process reflects the wider business goals rather than blinkered by IT requirements.

Reference: "Organize to Modernize: The Roles PMOs Can Play in IT Modernization"  Gartner article 23 May 2008: Daniel B. Stang (Gartner Principal Research Analyst) & Dale Vecchio ( Gartner  Research VP)

Ruth Goldberg, MBA
Managing Director TenStep Israel
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