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Saturday, 10 March 2007 05:59

Managing Project Knowledge

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For an organization whose fundamental work is the delivery of projects, it is extremely important that projects are viewed as a source of learning.

Project delivery is a process that produces an abundance of knowledge. Project teams encounter problems, assess and monitor risks, evaluate baselines, watch budgets and finance and manage stakeholder needs and expectations, as they do, they generate knowledge that is contained within the team.

Successful organizations are the ones that capitalize on that knowledge. Knowledge needs to be captures and re-used to improve future performance at project and organizational level.

It is often the case where knowledge generated through project execution is not captured through established means and agreed procedures. Thus, resulting in much of that knowledge being lost, probably forever.

Knowledge Management is the process of capturing and dessiminating onowledge at all levels of the orgabization. This ultimately should lead to better learning and more efficient decision making. 

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